'Outlander' season 2 news: Caitrona Balfe, executive producer share tidbits about what to expect in new installment


It is not necessarily “Droughtlander” anymore. Despite having the hit Starz show pushed back to a Spring 2016 come back for its second season, the people behind the show have recently been very giving in terms of spoilers and insights to what are the possibilities that the follow up installment may bring.

Followers of the show already know that when season 2 opens, Claire (Caitrona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) are moving to France to change history. They will do this while expecting their first child, Brianna. lthough the fan favorite Brianna has yet to find an actress that will bring her to the TV screen, Balfe has had a few insights on how their future family of three will deal with the problems they will face in the future.

“Claire is dealing with her pregnancy and [wondering], how do you support someone going through a trauma like [Jamie’s]? How do you help him get over it, or get past it? The idea they have of changing the future, she uses it like a mission and something for Jamie to put his focus and energy into so he’s not dwelling on what’s happened,” Balfe told Blastr in an exclusive interview.

“In a way, she sacrificed herself a little bit because she’s dealing with her pregnancy on her own in a way. They are going through a very complicated time in their relationship. It’s not an easy time for them, but it’s beautiful to watch how they figure out a way to support each other,” the actress added.

Other than Balfe, the show’s executive producer, Ronald D. Moore, talked to TV Line about what will be the stark difference between season 1 and season 2. He explained, “It’s more lavish. It’s a completely different look. It goes to Paris. It has a completely different vibe. It feels like we start the show all over again… You get this great sense that we’re on a big, long, epic adventure this year.”