'Outlander' season 2 spoilers: Jamie, Claire continue to face hardships in their marriage in episode 6; Black Jack is back


Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (San Heughan) continue to struggle to find the perfect balance in their new found life in this week’s “Outlander.”

Fans of the show are brokenhearted with the way “Outlander” season 2 is brewing for the love birds. It has been a tumultuous chapter in their lives as they try to muddle their way through the bright lights of Paris while trying to maintain some normalcy in their growing family.

“It’s the pressure cooker that’s been building since Episode 1; they keep trying to come back together, they keep trying to be on the same team, but they’re not dealing with the core issues and that’s that Claire feels abandoned by him, he feels misunderstood and alone, and so does she, and they’re two people who through lack of communication are on their own private islands,” Heughan told Variety on the current standing point of his character’s relationship with his wife.

Balfe, on the other hand, presents the scenario from her character’s perspective as she explains how Claire is currently tormented between her concern for both Jamie and Frank (Tobias Menzies).

“Claire has asked something insane of him, and it’s so much to ask and as Jamie says, it’s too much, and she realizes that, but she has a very sacred place in her heart for Frank and feels very strongly about trying to protect him, so it’s great stuff,” the actress further detailed.

Unfortunately, it looks like the end is nowhere near in terms of the precarious ground Claire and Jamie are presently on. The official synopsis for the show’s upcoming installment titled “Best Laid Schemes…” suggests that the couple will only grow further apart as “Claire learns Jamie has gone back on his word.” As to what it specifically points to is still unknown. But fans can expect a more dramatic turn of events in the upcoming episodes especially as Black Jack Randall is now back in the thick of things.

Meanwhile, before the two’s faith in each other gets shattered again, a brand new teaser trailer for the aforementioned episode also revealed that they will set aside their current conflict to tackle an unknown danger.

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