Oukitel K10000 news, specs, release date: A smartphone that can last up to 15 days


An new and interesting smartphone is set for release this December: the K10000 from. China’s Oukite. The model name itself somehow hints at what this phone has to offer a 10,000 mAh battery that can last 10 to 15 days. 

To convince consumers, the phone’s features have been disclosed. This phone has a quad-core MediaTek processor at 1 GHz with a 2 GB RAM. It has a 5.5-inch display with a 720 x 1280 pixel resolution. The rear camera can capture an 8-megapixel photo while the front has a 2-megapixel camera. Data storage by default is 16 GB and is expandable. No more hassles in bringing extra chargers and heavy power banks because this has a reverse charging feature wherein the owner can charge their other devices with its battery. 

The specs that keep this phone running are not the high-end kind and that simply means the phone’s power usage is also not very high. 

Most likely, consumers will buy this smartphone not for the specs but for the battery life that can last a week without recharging. They have to worry no more if they will be out camping for a week. To add more excitement to consumers, it was posted in GSMArena that Oukitel K10000 is priced at $239.99 but they have set a pre-order price of $199.99, which is relatively affordable for smartphone users. 

There is a spreading question about it, though. If this phone has a 10,000mAh battery, does it mean it takes a lot of time to charge up once drained? This question is still left unanswered even in other related articles. Consumers will get the answer once they have it on hand.