'Orphan Black' season 4 news: Jordan Gavaris teases character Felix, shares how Sarah may be involved with Neolution


New information regarding the fourth season of hit drama-thriller series “Orphan Black” is circulating online courtesy of some of the stars in the show.

Jordan Gavaris who portrays Felix shared that the upcoming installment will explain the mysteries left unanswered, hinting that one of them may be the time when Sarah saw her doppelganger jump to her demise in a train station back in the freshman run. “The new thing about season 4 is that I think we’ve got a feeling akin to what the train platform was in season 1, what that meant to the characters, what it meant to Sarah, not really knowing who the threat is,” he said.

He added that the enigmatic Neolution will be given more light in the new narrative, and Sarah’s possible involvement may be revealed. “We don’t know who the players are. We don’t really know where the top is or where the bottom is, we just know it’s dangerous and it’s going to be very interesting to learn how Sarah fits in to all of that because I think it’s important the audience is reminded just why Sarah is ruffling feathers to begin with, what’s she doing,” Gavaris added.

When it comes to his character, he teased that his development in season 4 will revolve around the struggles of a single gay man and what he is going through as an artist.

There will also be interesting twists and turns on the family matters involving Mrs. S and Sarah who have been made known to actually related by blood. The former will also deal with her mother who she has been holding grudge against.

In a separate interview with Buddy TV, Mariah Doyle Kennedy who portrays Mrs. S said that her relationship with her mom will be so conflicted as they have been estranged for many years, “She blames her mother so much for bad stuff that’s happened.”

“In a way, their relationship, I think, mirrors the relationship with Mrs. S and Sarah quite a lot in terms of their battling against each other and rebellion and dysfunction,” she added.

Season 4 of “Orphan Black” is slated to air sometime in spring 2016.