'Orphan Black' season 5 spoilers: No supposed time jump


With the end almost on the horizon, fans of “Orphan Black” are in for a relentless hiatus before the series comes back on air to tie up the loose ends of the show. And while it may still be a couple of months before that happens, co-creator Graeme Manson has dished out a little bit on what season 5 has in store.

The most recent chapter of the science fiction series has left a couple of cliffhangers which will all surely be revisited by the time it gets back on air. This includes Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) being heavily injured and stranded on the island alone, Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Kira (Skyler Wexler) both in Ferdinand’s (James Frain) custody, as well as Rachel’s (Maslany) unknown visitor.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Manson shared that at this point, everybody is treading on precarious grounds and things can swiftly turn into a disaster in the blink of an eye. Despite this, the producer admits that they are still struggling in trying to balance between making a drastic narrative change and continuing to hone the story.

Given the many unanswered questions headed into season 5, it appears that “Orphan Black” is leaning towards tackling the matters at hand right away, as opposed to stewing the situation.

“We’re not really sure, but the way that we ended this season is more like how we ended season one or two very much everybody is hanging in the immediate lurch as opposed to season three, where we managed to have a bit of a breather between seasons,” he said. “I’m not saying we won’t figure out a way to have a breather, but certainly the way we hung the main narrative, particularly Sarah, it calls for immediate action. “

Despite being the last chapter of the series, “Orphan Black’s” privilege in being able to decide on when they should end things is a good indication that the final season will give justice to all five seasons of the series. Nevertheless, it may actually not be the real end of the science fiction show as Manson also teased that they are currently mapping out a spin-off series.

No official premiere date for the 10-episode series finale has been announced by BBC America.