Orphan Black season 4 spoilers: next season is a reset but not a full reboot of the show, series co-creator teases


Season 3 ended on quite an explosive note, and Orphan Black’s season 4 will continue with the surprises when it premieres in 2016.

For starters, season 4 will “reset” the series in a way, but without rebooting the entire project.

This was revealed by the show’s co-creator Jon Fawcett in a TV Line article. The co-creator added that season 4 will be more similar to the show’s first season in tone and feel than subsequent series.

One of the fans’ main concerns for season 4 includes what happened to the character Delphine, Ecumenical News said.

The character, who is portrayed by actress Evelyn Brochu, was shot “dead” in the ending of the season finale. Speaking to the audiences at the San Diego Comic Con event, the show’s creators stated that the fate of Delphine will remain a mystery, at least for season 4.

“Nobody’s safe on the show, but she’s ‘Orphan Black’ dead,” Graeme Manson told the gathered fans.

“It’s a mystery guys. There’s a reason why there’s a mystery,” Fawcett added during the event, which seemed to imply that Delphine’s fate could be explored during the events of the show’s fourth season.

The two creators, however, did indicate in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that season 4 will delve more into the background of Kira, Sarah’s daughter.

Co-creator Manson said that they are having “definite plans” about exploring Kira’s human side, which she explained is a topic that “can’t really be explained by science.”

According to Design N’ Trend, the show had received praise for its treatment and presentation of gender-related storylines, particularly those that deal with the LGBTQA community.

In response to the praise, Manson said that, while they are proud of positively portraying LGBT-related issues in Orphan Black, the team behind the show wishes that these issues will be tackled regularly in more TV shows.

“Television is getting much better at sexual representation – we should be beyond asking or caring,” the show creator said in the Design N’ Trend article.