'Orphan Black' season 4 spoilers: Co-creator on return of characters, teases 'roller coaster' finale


The most recent episode of the fourth season of the hit BBC America TV series “Orphan Black,” titled “The Mitigation of Competition,” made a bombshell revelation the episode revealed that two characters that have been presumed to be dead for quite some time are actually alive and well.

John Fawcett, the co-creator for “Orphan Black,” discussed the timing and the truth about the return of these two characters, as well as teasing the grand scale and the level of action that fans can expect now that the season is closing in on its finale.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fawcett talked about the reveal that Helena is indeed alive after disappearing early on in the season. The character was revealed to have been living in a secluded area far away too far for others to reach her.

“She felt like she needed to be alone for a bit,” Fawcett explained of Helena’s choice. “She’s been that kind of person who has gone away and come back and needed her own space.”

Fawcett also discussed the timing of Helena’s return and her reemergence from her apparent death. Helena, just in time, put an arrow through a Neolution lackey to save Alison and Donnie from a run-in with him. Her return, Fawcett said, just shows where her true loyalties lie.

“Helena’s always been concerned about Sarah, and it’s nice that she’s formed bonds with the Hendrixes, and there’s an urge to protect now that she’s found her sisterhood,” Fawcett said. “She was a bit hurt when she left Donnie and Alison’s, but this shows her true loyalty that she wanted to come back and help out.”

While it was not delved into too much, the episode also gave a glimpse and confirmed that Delphine is indeed alive, following her apparent death after getting shot during the end of the third season. Fawcett said that this too was timed well, as the dramatic journey in discovering the truth is also part of the show’s appeal.

As for the finale episode, Fawcett did not go into detail, but only teased fans on what they can expect, based on the events that had been transpiring in the past few episodes.

“It’s the finale, so of course let’s go out with guns blazing, and it’s big!” he teased. “I’m so excited to show people the end of this season. It’s a roller coaster, and I think there’s gonna be a lot of things that people aren’t expecting.”

The season 4 finale of “Orphan Black” will air on June 16.