'Orphan Black' season 4 news: Krystal Goderitch to return in 'Human Raw Material'


The upcoming new episode of the fourth and ongoing season of the hit BBC America series “Orphan Black” will feature the return of one of the characters who was seen last in the finale of the previous season.

Titled “Human Raw Material,” the episode will fetaure the arrival of another clone – Krystal Goderitch, another one of the many Ledas Clones.

Based on the short preview trailer for the upcoming episode, Krystal will be back to take part in the tension brewing between the different Ledas Clones. Krystal will also seem to cross paths with the characters of Cosima Niehaus, a fellow clone, and Donnie Hendrix.

The previous episode of the series, titled “From Instinct to Rational Control,” gave a number of character reveals and a glimpse of the larger picture involved in the entire storyline that is expected to be discussed further on. The episode had M.K., yet another clone, threaten the life of Ferdinand, after discovering that he and Sarah were working on taking down Neolution.

The episode also revealed the origins of the clone M.K. Her name is Vera Suominen, and was involved in the Helsinki incident that had been mentioned a few times in the past, but was never discussed until now. As it turned out, the operation that took place in Helsinki brought about a tragic end to a large group of clones. That time, M.K. or Vera was part of the group of clones in the incident and was the only one who survived at that time. Since then, Vera had been driven to find other clones like her. Thanks to the arrival of Sarah, Vera’s plan to burn Ferdinand alive was cut short.

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