'Orange Is the New Black' season 5 release date, spoilers: Show not canceled despite rumors


Regardless of whether rumors say that the “Orange is the New Black” season 5 is going to be canceled, it seems that the show has already started filming nonetheless.

According to Game N Guide, a lot of reports believe that the Netflix series will be continued due to the fact that the company itself stated that “Orange is the New Black” has been renewed for three more seasons. Also, the strong audience base provides the company a solid reason to continue on with their collaboration.

Furthermore, the stars of the show were reportedly spotted in Huston Valley on set, and it only gives more credence to the fact that the show will push through, dispelling rumors of it being canceled.

There are also some spoilers revealed for the new season, and reportedly, Daya (played by Dascha Polanco) will have the quandary of whether or not she should kill the officer. However, it seems that she might be saved by another officer and ultimately face the result of her actions back in the previous season.

Also, Tasha Jefferson (played by Danielle Brooks) will try to exact vengeance for the death of her friend Poussey Washington (played by Samira Wiley). Rumors have it that the former will be more aggressive in the new season due to the fact that she thinks that her friend’s death is purposely being forgotten. The motivation is exemplified by a report done by News Everyday, as Tasha will see that her friend’s death is swept under the rug by officers and the most powerful people at Litchfield.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans are also having some worries about the show’s future, as two stars from the set are in bad terms with Netflix. Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon are rumored to be having a stormy relationship with the company, but hopefully, by the time “Orange is the New Black” is released, all have been straightened out.