'Orange Is the New Black' season 5 air date, spoilers, news: Laura Prepon to direct an episode for upcoming installment


Laura Prepon is having a blast this year with a multitude of exciting things on her horizon. On top of her recent engagement to boyfriend Ben Foster, the actress is also stepping behind the camera for the fifth season of “Orange Is the New Black.”

After a tumultuous season for her character Alex, the actress is embracing her new role as director as she is expected to helm one of the forthcoming episodes of the Netflix dramedy. Prepon revealed the good news when she appeared on U.S. breakfast show, “Today.”

“I start directing my episode of Orange in about a week and a half… Talk about a challenge! I’m really excited about it. That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’m getting my shot this show,” she gleefully said.

“It’s gonna be great. Everyone’s so supportive, and I’ve directed myself before so that’ll be fine… I can’t wait,” Prepon added, referring to her 2011 web series “Neighbros” which she directed, wrote and edited.

The cast and crew of “Orange Is the New Black” returned to set as early as August for the new installment. Emotions are expected to be running high following the immensely shocking death of fan-favorite character Poussey, played by actress Samira Wiley, in the final sequences of last season.

What was supposed to be a peaceful rally inside prison spiraled out of control pretty quickly when a guard cut off Poussey’s airway a little bit too long which eventually resulted in her death. This opened a lot of talk about the show mirroring real-life events where people of color have been subjected to discrimination and unfair police brutality.

Prepon did not disclose the gist of the episode she will be directing. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how she will treat her co-stars in “Orange Is the New Black.”

No official return date has been announced for “Orange Is the New Black” season 5 but fans can expect it to be available for streaming on Netflix sometime next year.