'Orange Is the New Black' season 5 air date, spoilers: Are they going to kill off Piper?


“Orange Is the New Black” is back for a fifth, sixth, and seventh season. But first things first, when will season 5 premiere? Netflix hasn’t made an announcement yet but a number of sources believe it will air in June 2017. The past three seasons of the show have also premiered on the month of June, so this guess is as good as any.

What’s going to happen in season 5? Well, there’s certainly going to be a lot of changes and several reports say that Piper (Taylor Schilling) may die in the upcoming season. Well, killing off Piper is going to be a little awkward because she’s based on an actual person Piper Kerman, the author of “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.” That’s the non-fictional book the series is based on, by the way.

There’s also the fact that she’s the main protagonist of the show. Anyway, Alex (Laura Prepon) is allegedly the one who’s going to kill her. Well, the reports did not exactly mention why Alex would want to kill Piper. It should be noted that the people involved with the show didn’t really give any hints that Piper will die, so this one is clearly an unverified rumor. Well, unless the writers want to something drastic.

Well, one person who’s clearly in trouble is Humphrey (Michael Torpey). The corrections officer found himself staring at the business end of a gun in the season 4 finale with Daya (Dascha Polanco) getting ready to pull the trigger. Corey Chichizola of CinemaBlend even noted that it won’t be a surprise if Humphrey gets killed right away in the premiere. Well, he’s just a minor character.

Bayley (Alan Aisenberg) should also watch his back because the inmates are not going to forgive him for accidentally killing Poussey (Samira Wiley). Will Taystee (Danielle Brooks) find a way to avenge her best friend? Find out when “Orange Is the New Black” season 5 airs next year.