Orange is the new black season 4 spoilers, release date: can Alex break Piper's dark spell? Laura Prepon shares her thoughts


Laura Prepon’s Alex Vause will still be in the thick of the action when Orange is the New Black returns for its fourth season next year on Netflix.

For a while, it seemed touch and go for the character as she was last seen at the mercy of a new prison guard working for Kubra in Season 3, reported Melty.

After Prepon and some other cast members posted on-set photos on their social media accounts, fans were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as they were able to confirm that one of the main characters was still in on the Litchfield prison action.

In an interview with Speakeasy, Prepon said that her character’s relationship with Piper (Taylor Schilling) will be more intense as Alex tries to get the old Piper back. It can be recalled that Piper was turning dark in the last season which led to the breakup.

“She sees through all of Piper’s BS. And that’s why they’re such a cool relationship. And I think that Alex knows that she’s putting it on it’s not really her….It’s one of the reasons why Alex dumped [Piper] in Season 3. She’s just like, ‘Listen, this is kind of gross, and where’s the real Piper?'” Prepon said.

As for Piper, Schilling said that her character will be undergoing an interesting transformation in Season 4.

“It’s really fun where Piper is right now. I think she’s really going to keep scrambling to keep her sense of self intact. When it feels like it’s bottoming out, that’s when you try harder to control things.”

The statements seem like a hint that these two fan favorite characters will finally be reunited in Season 4. It will also prove equally interesting to see how they blend with the new influx of inmates that are coming.