OnePlus smartphone release date news: new smartphone in time for Christmas; Carl Pei says specs are still up in the air


Rising Chinese mobile company OnePlus has been making rounds on the positive side of tech news ever since they first released their debut phone, the OnePlus One. It was followed by the well-received and very much anticipated OnePlus 2. Now, in the early days of the tremendous success of the OnePlus 2, a new smartphone form OnePlus was announcedand it may be coming this year, too.

USA Today recently had the chance to interview 25-year-old OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. Pei talked about the beginnings of the company, how the OnePlus phones were conceived, and their goals and plans for the company’s future.

One of the most interesting reveals in the interview was that they are now working on launching yet another smartphone by the end of this year.

“There’s going to be a second phone this year, before the end of the year,” said Pei. “Hopefully for Christmas.”

With the OnePlus 2 dubbed as the “killer flagship”, will this new phone be more powerful than the OnePlus 2? He had this to say:

“It may or may not be (higher spec’d than the OnePlus 2). When I saw the prototype for that phone I was like ‘holy s— that’s going to be my daily driver’ but then when the OnePlus 2 production version came out it’s also super nice, so it’s really hard to decide now what to use.”

However, he denied giving any specifics for now. “It’s going to be amazing, but today I’m not going to talk about it.”

Talking about the future of the company, Pei seemed confident that the company is going well with the massive success of its first two phones, and they plan to make a name in the industry by continuing with it.

“In five years,” Pei said, “I think it will be Apple, OnePlus and Samsung because there’s no more room in the market. Everyone else would’ve died because they couldn’t reach the scale they wanted fast enough or they couldn’t have a margin to sustain their business. Look at the soft drink space: there are only two players, Pepsi and Coke.”