OnePlus 3 release date soon; alleged photos leaked


OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei revealed that the highly anticipated OnePlus 3 will be launched toward the end of this year’s second quarter. Reports, however, claim that the rumored release date is May 18, with OnePlus likely offering its newest smartphone through an invite system again as it did with its previous models.

Pei has confirmed in an interview with CNET that the newest OnePlus phone will sport a new design, distinctive from OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 which were strikingly similar to each other. Just very recently, images of alleged working unit of OnePlus 3 surfaced. The photos, originally posted by a Weibo user on Twitter, display the rear and front of the phone which appear to have finer texture. These pictures also show that the camera and flash arrangement is not in line with the earlier models. Based on the power and volume buttons which are joined by a third physical control introduced on OnePlus 2, the photos might perhaps be actually a OnePlus unit, but there is no official confirmation if those photos indeed show the OnePlus3 since it has not been released to public eye.

Price is an edge for OnePlus, putting it in a favorable position in the market race. OnePlus 2 cost $329 which may be the price point for OnePlus 3. Some sources claim that the new model will even be cheaper, although this has yet to be ascertained.

Considering OnePlus’ motto which is “Never settle,” Tech Radar lists some of the features that it hopes OnePlus 3 would have based on what OnePLus 2 lacked. Some of these desired features include the reinstatement of near field communication (NFC), quick charging, a better fingerprint scanner, a better-behaved, faster running processor, a display of higher resolution, longer battery life, the addition of a microSD card slot, and wireless charging.

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer founded in 2013. OnePlus 3 will be its fourth phone.