OnePlus 3 release date may not be coming any time soon


Chinese smart phone manufacturing company OnePlus has only been in their sophomore year, but they look like they are serious about bringing the brand to the forefront of the tight tech market.

Going up against more established brands like Huawei and XiaoMi, OnePlus has been slowly sneaking its way to join in the mix via the releases of OnePlus One, Oneplus 2, OnePlus X and if rumors are to be believed, a OnePlus 3 is already in the pipeline. The company’s phone turnaround is relatively fast considering that the handheld devices  they have released belong to one lineup. They would have to continue improving and topping the previously launched phone for its successor to gain enough momentum to achieve targeted goals.

Before the rumors of OnePlus 3 came about, reports relating to the OnePlus Mini had been prevalent which then eventually changed into what people know as the OnePlus X. A listing of an unknown OnePlus smartphone has recently popped up courtesy of the website GFXBench. The OnePlus X was originally the company’s first try in the “mini phone” category but if GFXBench’s post has enough credit in it, things might still change, and a OnePlus 2 mini will be the mysterious 4.6-inch device in the postings.

Back to the purported OnePlus 3, the first leak of the new phone comes from website Mobile Dad which is a photo of what seems to be the prototype of the gadget with front and rear views which may hint an inclusion of a dual LED flash to accompany its camera. Potential specs for the OnePlus 3 are still scarce, but it may have a Snapdragon 820 with another 1080p touch screen.

OnePlus 2 was released Aug. 2. With two phones already released this year, it is likely that the company’s next big release will come later.