OnePlus 2 OxygenOS updates: Update 2.2.1 brings in RAW imaging support


Users of the OnePlus 2 flagship device is set to receive a new update for the Oxygen OS. The update fixed a number of issues that were found on the previous version, but among others, it introduced the feature that lets users shoot photos with the default device camera application and save it in RAW format.

OnePlus recently started rolling out the update that will upgrade the Oxygen OS for the OnePlus 2 to version 2.2.1. The update opened the ability of the built-in device camera app, the OnePlus Camera, to shoot and save images in RAW.

While some users may prefer to use JPEG format instead of RAW, photography enthusiast use the latter due to the better quality and lesser noise it gives to photos taken. Unlike JPEG, photos in RAW format are uncompressed image files that contains the complete and lossless data of the image as what was completely captured by the camera sensor. As JPEG, the photo gets automatically compressed in order to deliver a file with smaller size.

RAW format is also optimal for users who prefer to post-process their shots with a third party software, without having to deal with the image noise that JPEG usually brings.

Aside from adding RAW imaging support for the device, the update to Oxygen OS 2.2.1 brought about Bluetooth compatibility improvement, and also the fix for compatibility issues with the Ultra SIM. A GSM upgrade to 3.0 also came with the update, as well as fixes on roaming issues and additional security patch update.

The update also fixed the known issue wherein the OnePlus Camera app takes a photo and saves a corrupted image file. Lastly, the update introduced Romanian language support.

The update will roll out in stages, so users across different countries need to wait as the update will eventually hit their devices via OTA.