'One Punch Man' season 2 updates: Will Garou be the main villain?


The first season of “One Punch Man” has proven its success, given that fans are clamoring for a follow up, just after season 1 concluded.

Manga series creator Murata Yusuke has already confirmed through his Twitter account that he will work hard to complete season 2. Given his commitment, fans are assuming that the second installment of “One Punch Man” may come around December this year.

According to Crossmap, season 2 will pick up from where it left off in season 1. The first episode is said to be titled “The Strongest Hero,” where Saitama and Lord Boros will once again battle. The fight will be a tie, but Saitama will unleash his most powerful attack called “serious punch” that will finally put an end to their bout.

After which, Saitama will face another character named Amai Mask. The character is said to start off as a hero in the first few episodes, but eventually, will turn into a villain. Amai Mask will be a Class A Rank 1 fighter who will battle the Hero Association to seek revenge for the destroyed city.

However, according to Youth Health Mag, a fan has confirmed that Garou will be the main antagonist in season 2, as confirmed in the manga version of the story.

Garou, who is a disciple of Bang or Silver Fang, will become a villain after his childhood trauma takes over him. He is said to be classified as a Human Monster by the Hero Association, after unleashing a stronger version of his opponent’s attacks. He is a muscular character with yellow eyes, spike hair, and prominent features.

Nonetheless, fans may still need to take this rumor with a grain of salt and wait for the anime to air in order to confirm. They will also have to wait for the official announcement of its release date.