'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers: Saitama to face off against Garou?


The hit anime TV series “One Punch Man” had its first season’s last episode air in December 2015. It garnered positive ratings for their radically distinctive storyline, but anime fans had to wait months before they heard any news regarding the next journey of the protagonist Saitama and his cyborg sidekick Genos.

In September 2016, the official “One Punch Man” Twitter account announced that the second season was being developed, and it was revealed that it would consist of 12 episodes. However, to the fans’ dismay, no air date was given.

It was noted that in the last episode (12) of “One Punch Man” season 1, Saitama defeated Boros. Drive Knight warned Genos that Metal Knight is an enemy. Then, Amai Mask came and blamed the S-class superheroes for City A’s total devastation, which had provoked a fight between the heroes. However, Metal Knight interrupted them.

Meanwhile, Superalloy Blackluster found alien survivors, and Amai Mask quickly killed the remaining aliens. Saitama found Tornado having a tantrum, and Genos started an argument with the latter, but Bang stopped them. Metal Knight had salvaged some parts of the ruined ship and used them to rebuild the heroes’ headquarters in City A. The A and S Class heroes then stayed in the renovated headquarters.

The first season of the superhero parody TV series ended without any clue of Saitama’s next opponent. It didn’t even show an emerging superhero that can match the protagonist’s strength.

It’s speculated that the second season will cover the “Hero Hunt” arc wherein Saitama will battle Garou, a former student of S-Class. Another anime theory leads to Amai Mask. It is said that he will discover Saitama’s source of power. Considering that Amai Mask was not in good terms with the S-class back in the first season, he can be a valid villain.

Some also believe that Saitama will go against the Hero Association. Taking Saitama’s extraordinary punch into account, an army of heroes will be credible opponents. Anyhow, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt until the official release date and synopsis are revealed.