'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers, plot news: New villains headed Saitama's way

A promotional image for "One Punch Man."

Hit animated show “One Punch Man’s” second year run is said to pose more threat to Saitama. Aside from Lord Boros, a brand new pack of villains will make their presence more felt.

“One Punch Man” season 2 is deemed to be slowly approaching its premiere date. But before the series even get its official air date, spoilers have been leaking out, making fans more anticipative of its imminent return.

The second season of the small screen adaptation of the manga series is rumored to have Saitama face antagonists Garou and Amai Mask. The arrival of Garou can definitely amplify the stakes on the show as he is always known to have abilities that should not be belittled. Amai Mask, on the other hand, is also equally powerful. But, as he is equipped with impressive singing and acting talents, he may also have the deception card working well for him. Amai is known to have been a previous supporter of Earth’s superheroes. Unfortunately, in an unusual turn of events, he decided to turn to the dark side and take matters into his own hands by dealing with people who do evil things.

On top of the new threats looming on the horizon for Saitama, the possibility that Lord Boros will eventually make his grand comeback is still very much alive. It can be remembered that by the end of the debut iteration of “One Punch Man,” the lead protagonist was able to defeat the master of the Dark Matter Thieves. But majority of the fans do not believe that it will be the last time that Boros will appear, hence, his rumored return.

As for the supposed premiere date for “One Punch Man” season 2, there has been buzz that it may be back on the airwaves before the end of the year. This is further solidified by the run of the English dubbed version of the show on Adult Swim’s Toonami block, which may mean that the developers have already moved on to the production of upcoming installment.