‘One Punch Man’ season 2 spoilers: Identity of Saitama’s father to be revealed?

A promotional image for "One Punch Man" anime series. (Facebook/OnePunchMan.GB)

Despite not having a definite air date its second season, “One Punch Man” never runs out of rumors.

One of the hottest speculations surrounding the hit anime series involves Saitama’s roots, particularly the identity of his real father. According to a report from Blasting News, season 2 will likely touch on the protagonist’s origins.

In line with the discussion on his genealogy, a notable character from season 1 may actually be his father. Speculated to have the same length of powers as Saitama’s, Blast is believed by some fans to be the former’s father. Meanwhile, some fans also believe that Blast could be Saitama’s reality version of the latter.

Since the clues do not concretely point to anything with certainty, fans should take them with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, a report from Inverse said that the upcoming season will also focus Saitama’s powers and how he got them. The manga version of “One Punch Man” touched on the hero’s origins, though not on a deep level. In the anime, however, things could be different. Also, some fans feel that the series will reveal Saitama’s powers and all the details surrounding it.

Furthermore, Inverse also suggested another interesting plot, though it may not happen in season 2 just yet. The report said that Saitama will finally meet his end, or at least will fight someone as big as God. Such a scenario may not seem too impossible, considering the immense power of the hero, and his impending rise in the rankings of fighters.

To this day, there is still no definite date for the airing of “One Punch Man” season 2. There were rumors that the series could resume up to as late as December of next year. The December date was mentioned by observers based on the anime’s production timeline, which only started last March.

The Korea portal noted that production usually runs between six to nine months. Post-production follows, which will likely push the airing to late 2018.