'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers, air date: Saitama to be defeated by powers of Garou and Amai Mask?

A promotional image for "One Punch Man."

Rumors are rife that Saitama may finally experience his first ever defeat in the much-awaited season 2 of the hit anime series “One Punch Man.”

Although there is no official announcement yet, it is believed that the new run will become more exciting than the freshman season with the arrival of new villains and characters. The protagonist is also deemed to finally meet his match, possibly ending his search for a worthy opponent who can compete at his level.

However, instead of just one contender, he will apparently face the combined powers of Garou and Amai Mask. Since they may not be able to stand against him if they go individually, the two are said to conspire in order to overpower him. Their united strength is predicted to triumph over Saitama’s powerful punch potentially leading to his first loss.

What may have added to the assumption that Garou will appear is that he already made his debut in the manga version. Silver Fang’s former student is described to be the ultimate antihero as he wanted to play the role of the bad guy since he was a child.

During his younger days, Garou had a playmate who reminded him never to fight back because he is on the good side. This purportedly affected his way of thinking, which made him hate the heroes.

Meanwhile, there is hearsay that Saitama’s former close friend Genos will also face him in a fight. The latter allegedly decided to leave the former and follow his own path. Elsewhere, Lord Boros may also come back to try his luck again in vanquishing the hero.

When it comes to the release date, it is predicted that the new episodes may hit the small screen before Halloween season this October. But since there is no confirmation from Madhouse or Viz Media, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.