‘One Punch Man’ season 2 rumors: Sonic to cause Saitama’s downfall?

A promotional image for "One Punch Man" anime series. (Facebook/OnePunchMan.GB)

For several months, fans of the “One Punch Man” anime series have been itching for a second season. Now that a release date continues to remain elusive, it is the rumors and speculations that are keeping the fans entertained.

One of the hottest topics surrounding season 2 is the rumored defeat of main protagonist, Saitama. A report from The Christian Post said that his first taste of defeat may not come in the hands of rival Garou. Instead, he may fall in the hands of Sonic.

The rumor comes from the events that transpired in “One Punch Man’s” latest manga issue. The issue showed Sonic throwing knives toward a photo of the bald hero. Moreover, Blasting news said that after Sonic threw the knives at Saitama’s photo, two mysterious men who were working for the Monster Association approached him.

The two men were later found to be graduates from the same village as Sonic. They were Flame of the Hellfire and Hayate of the Wind. The two looked human from the outside but in reality, they were monsters.

It is highly-speculated that Sonic may join forces with the Monster Association to finally topple Saitama. Still, there are fans who believe that it will be Garou who will hand Saitama his first loss.

Last month, “One Punch Man” creator that goes by the name ONE posted an intriguing doodle of Saitama on Twitter. The black and white drawing showed the hero standing with his fist clenched, and dripping with blood. The image had no caption, which resulted in fans speculating what the drawing could mean.

Some believe that the image signifies the outcome of his battles in season 2. It is rumored that he will be facing multiple opponents in the upcoming season before he is defeated.

Considering the number of enemies coming from the Monster Association, it is likely that the image is tied to his encounters with the deadly group.