‘One Punch Man’ season 2 rumors: New season to premiere in November?

A promotional image for "One Punch Man."

Fans of the popular anime series “One Punch Man” eagerly wait for any sort of news regarding its release date. However, for now, rumors and speculations keep them company.

The announcement of an upcoming “One Punch Man” season 2 was released late last year. This made fans excited, and it amped up the hype for the show. A report from The Christian Post mentioned rumors suggesting that season 2 featuring the bald superhero may come in November. Additionally, the follow-up season will reportedly feature the “Hero Hunter” arc, according to Inquisitr. The story will reportedly feature the entry of Garou. The said character is probably the protagonists’ most dangerous opponent to date.

Furthermore, there are also rumors that the second season will be around 13 episodes long. Meanwhile, Comicbook.com raised the possibility of a much later release for Season 2. They said that the show did exit pre-production on this March. This could mean the next season is projected to come out around spring or summer of 2018.

Meanwhile, a report from Geek predicts that Season 2 will pay homage to “Dragon Ball Z,” another epic anime series. This is based on a “One Punch Man” manga panel that showcased a scene inspired by the “Dragon Ball Z” manga. The report, says there is a big possibility that the anime version will also adapt the homage.

The panel depicted Saitama throwing one of his powerful punches right into the solar plexus of an opponent. This is a move that eerily mimics that of Goku in the manga.

As far as Saitama’s possible opponents apart from Garou, he will also reportedly face Lord Boros, as well as the Monster Association. In addition, fans have speculated that he will also be pitted against the likes of Mosquito Girl, Beefcake, Vaccine Man, Deep Sea King, and Amai Mask, says a report from Korean Portal.