'One Punch Man' season 2 release date, spoilers: return of old foe rumored


As the world enters the month of June, the third and final month of this year’s Spring Anime Season is beginning, which means that the Summer 2016 lineup will soon start. With this, the hype around a prospective season 2 of the “One Punch Man” anime adaptation just got hotter.

Reportedly, the possibility of season 2 of Madhouse’s anime adaptation of ONE’s “One Punch Man” story is still likely to be released this year after various reports that the manga’s re-release artist, Yusuke Murata, promised to work on pushing for it.

Rumors alleged that Murata and his team have already begun production for the second season which furthered fans’ hope that it will be released this year. However, that hope was quickly dashed when the amount of work that animating something entails was brought up. It usually takes at least months to finish work on one episode alone, which means that it could be years before a full season gets done even if production of multiple episodes run parallel to each other.

As for what direction the second season’s plotline might take, rumors suggest that “One Punch Man” season 2 might feature both old and new enemies. Allegedly, the first season’s final villain, the alien conqueror Lord Boros, will return as one of the season’s major villains alongside the introduction of “Hero Killer” Garou.

Considering the first season’s loyalty in adapting the manga, the thought of season 2 featuring Garou is highly possible, but it negates the possibility of Lord Boros’ return. The one-eyed alien never returned in the manga. He was not only blown in half, he was also shown as severely debilitated and decrepit after Saitama’s “Serious Series: Serious Strike” attack.

Rumors alleging that Boros’s return might hinge on the fact that he had an accelerated healing factor, it was shown to have a limit. Boros also used his “Meteoric Burst” ability, which pushed his body past its limits for the price of severely shortening his lifespan, which suggests that he no longer had any power to regenerate himself.

Still, there is the possibility that a second season could deviate from the manga’s storyline, and the anime’s production team might decide to bring Boros back. Until any formal announcement is made, the above are all just speculations.