'One Punch Man' season 2 release date, spoilers: Saitama to meet his strongest adversary yet


Madhouse’s anime adaptation of the massively popular Japanese superhero parody webcomic, “One Punch Man” became a hit among fans of the original content and even those who didn’t read it after just its initial season. And now, there’s more to expect from it as there is already confirmation of a second season.

A recent report revealed that the anime’s official Twitter account made the confirmation, though it was in Japanese. Apart from the announcement of a new season being developed, there were no other details handed out. Nonetheless, it still goes to show that “One Punch Man” season 2, amid earlier rumors of delays and cancellation, will finally happen soon.

With that in mind, Mobile & Apps noted that the new season might show a second encounter between main protagonist Saitama and Lord Boros. But this time, the hero with the ability to defeat opponents with a single punch could potentially experience the most difficult fight ever and there even is a chance that Lord Boros has successfully transformed himself into a more powerful warrior that could defeat Saitama.

Furthermore, there are reports that the anime series, particularly the second season, won’t deviate that much from the original manga content, which implies that the upcoming offering might very well be focused on the Hero Hunter arc. This is a very intriguing prospect because the story of Hero Hunter revolves around the emergence of enemies who are way stronger and more powerful than Lord Boros.

And finally, another rumor said that the one who could defeat Saitama in season 2 of “One Punch Man” is no one but himself, since he might be falling in love with someone, causing him to lose focus and become very vulnerable to defeat. This is another intriguing possibility but it remains nothing more than speculation for the moment.

There still is no official premiere date for the second season of “One Punch Man” but expectations are that it will begin airing in early 2017.