'One Punch Man' season 2 release date, spoilers: a look at Saitama's possible defeat in battle

A promotional image for "One Punch Man."

Is Saitama, the great single-punch hero, really in danger of finally facing defeat in battle in the upcoming season 2 of “One Punch Man?” Well, that is one of the many prospects that could easily happen in the television anime adaptation of the popular webcomic series.

A recent report said that Saitama might be putting himself in a vulnerable position if he falls in love in “One Punch Man” season 2. Saitama might be the meanest and best fighter in his world, thanks to his ability to defeat opponents with a single punch, but at the end of the day, everyone will eventually have a weakness. The report suggested that his weakness might come in the form of a love interest.

But the question is who might this character be and what is her purpose in coming to Saitama’s life? At this point, though, this is just mere speculation and fans of “One Punch Man” will eventually find out if this is true or not once the new season begins airing.

Aside from the exciting potential of love for Saitama, another rumor that’s been the subject of several discussions online is the entry of a new villain, some type of creature that the hero hasn’t encountered or known previously. This villain could very well be the most challenging opponent so far and it is quite intriguing to see Saitama fight with the risk of losing.

So far, no enemy has come close to defeating the bald hero. It’s no longer a secret among fans that for the entirety of the first season, Saitama had been feeling quite bored due to the lack of challenge from his battles with monsters and villains, so the writers of this anime adaptation might be hard-pressed to introduce someone or something that could give him the challenge he’s been longing for.

The new season of “One Punch Man” is expected to air early next year.