'One Punch Man' season 2 release date in October? will appear in Anime Expo this July


Mixed reports claim that highly anticipated season 2 of hit anime series “One Punch Man” may either arrive in October of this year or in the earlier parts of January 2017. On the other hand, some speculations suggest that the next installment has been delayed.

Hall of Fame Magazine notes that manga illustrator Yusuke Murata has reportedly doubled his efforts to finish the project. According to the news outlet, the Murata has increased the pace of his drawing process in order for the new season to become available this year.

It is deemed that the launch may happen in fourth quarter of 2016, specifically in October and more information about the show may be revealed during the Anime Expo (AX) that will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1 to 4.

The official AX 2016 website confirms the participation of “One Punch Man,” specifically with the “ONE PUNCH MATSURI” event which will include the premiere of the first English dubbed episode of One Punch Man,'” according to the announcement.

Aside from the showing of the aforementioned installment, there will also be a talk featuring animation director Shingo Natsume and Makoto Furukawa, who is the voice behind the main protagonist Saitama. The panel will happen on Saturday, July 2 at Main Events Hall B.

Moreover, Japanese group JAM Project will also make an appearance in the expo. Fans may remember that they are responsible for the anime series’ opening theme song which is titled “The Hero!!”

When it comes to the plot of the upcoming season, some note that Saitama will possibly face Amai Mask and Lord Boros sometime during the series’ touted 12-episode run. Lord Boros had conceded defeat during season 1 but it is predicted that he may get revenge; meanwhile, Amai Mask will go against the Heroes Association and will eventually face Saitama.

However, since there is no official word from the production and creative teams, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.