'One Punch Man' season 2 release date in September followed by an October air date?


2016 is close to wrapping up and fans of “One Punch Man” are still holding to the promise that the sophomore season of the anime will come out before the year ends. This is regardless of the fact that the people behind the series are still eerily mum about where they currently are in terms of the show’s development or if they have even started already.

Since the English-dubbed version of the show is now airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami block, hopes that a second installment will be coming sooner or later has renewed vigor. Some fans believe that the international release of “One Punch Man” is a good marketing ploy as well as preparation for the next iteration of the anime. Given that, they are pining that once the series is finished with its dubbed reruns, new episodes will eventually be released.

Looking at the current schedule of the show on Toonami, it will be done sometime during early October, which can have season 2 start within the same month. It is important to note that the debut offering of “One Punch Man” also started airing in October of last year, albeit very early in the month. If this will eventually be the case, fans may see a press release that the second season of the show will be coming sometime next month just to have ample time to have word going. This particular theory coincides with another speculation that suggests that new episodes will be available between October and November.

At this time, the only thing that the viewers of the show are holding onto is illustrator and season one heavy player Yusuke Murata’s comments about trying to make season 2 up and running. Weeks before the debut iteration of the small screen adaptation of the manga closed out, the Japanese artist said that he was already working on making the sequel a reality but did not confirm that it was actually in development. Since then, no other official news that pertains to season 2 came about.