'One Punch Man' season 2 to be delayed – what to expect


Fans of the anime “One Punch Man” will be unhappy to hear that they might have a lot more waiting to do before season 2 of the series airs.

The premiere season of the hit anime series was well received by many viewers as it introduced a new kind of super hero, Saitama. Season 1 of “One Punch Man” brought an interesting character to the world of anime, who was able to take down enemies with just one punch. After the challenges he faced in the previous season, there were a lot of questions regarding what direction season 2 will go to.

Recent reports suggested that the production of “One Punch Man” season 2 ran into some delays. It was said that they were not able to start due to the lack of source material available for the show. Because of that, it was believed that the premiere of season 2 might not be released until next year.

The manga artist behind “One Punch Man” Yusuke Murata, tweeted that they are already working on updating the source material for the series. However, there has yet to be any details regarding what the story of “One Punch Man” season 2 will be about.

There are rumors that the upcoming season will present a civil war type story, which will show a showdown between the different heroes of the series. There were speculations that Saitama and Genos will take on the Hero’s Association. Unfortunately, there were no reports confirming the matter.

Meanwhile, it was revealed by Otaku Tale that fans can enjoy the final original video animation (OVA) of “One Punch Man.” It was revealed that the upcoming OVA will see Saitama and Genos taking on a murder case along with the other S-Class heroes. It will be released on May 27.