'One Punch Man' season 2 news: Rumored to be release in November, Garou as the next villain?


After the successful freshman run of the manga adapted anime series “One Punch Man,” fans are said to be excitedly waiting for the next installment of the action and adventure show. Thankfully, creator Yusuke Murata reportedly confirmed that they are currently developing season 2.

According to Youth Health Mag, even though there is no official information yet regarding the project since season 2 wrapped up last December, it did not stop fans from speculating that it may be released sometime in November this year.

What may have added to the assumption are the reports claiming that working on an animated series takes around six to nine months to finish, which include all the gritty details such as making 100 sketch pages, editing, and even storyboards. However, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

There are also a lot of talks on the protagonist Saitama will be facing after defeating intergalactic powerful creature Borus. Viewers may remember that in the finale, Saitama ended up on the Moon, but he was able to take out one of Borus’ arms. The latter then admitted that he does not have the same skills as Saitama.

For the second season, it is predicted that Garou will be the next villain. He is described to be a former disciple of a martial arts expert and S-Class Rank 3 hero named Silver Fang. His backstory seems to be kept under wraps.

Moreover, Wired reported that “One Punch Man” is the next anime to watch as it parodies what the other current comic turned TV shows are usually about – superheroes saving the world from threats and possible annihilation.

It is said that instead of worrying if Saitama is going to win every battle, as he eventually will, viewers may focus on the personality of the lead character. Saitama is anxious about fitting in the heroes organization and there is tendency that he becomes bored about his skills of having a mighty punch, these are deemed to make him more relatable than other heroes.