'One Punch Man' season 2 premiere expected in 2017; Is 'Blast' actually Saitama ?


Rumor has it that the upcoming and much awaited second season of the hit anime “One Punch Man” would be released sometime around 2017.

While there had been a number of rumors surrounding the second season, there had been no real progress as to the production of the second season. The first season of the anime had been an instant hit and its ten-episode run concluded last December 2015.

In the pilot season of the show, Saitama had faced mostly mediocre opponents, with the most formidable one only coming in at the penultimate episode of the season, in the form Lord Boros. It is expected that Lord Boros would come back regenerated and healed from his defeat by Saitama as new and even more powerful enemies would come and pose a challenge to Saitama.

In other news, a previous fan theory pointed out that the top hero of the Hero Association, known only by the name “Blast,” had been Saitama all along.

The show’s Hero Association has already been revealed to have been formed by its founder with the aim of organizing a group of powerful warriors and fighters called in the anime as “Heroes.” The founder made the organization in honor of the saving of his grandchild back in the years. To recall, the first season of the anime also revealed that it was Saitama who actually saved the young child. Back then, Saitama was an unemployed citizen of Japan, and he still has hair prior to his supposed training that made him go bald.

“Saitama has shown time and again that he is completely clueless of what is going on around him,” the fan theory pointed out. “It would only make sense for him being the source of the creation of the hero association, him not knowing about registering as a hero until Genos, him being C-class and working his way up, while all along being the S-class level 1 hero Blast without even knowing.”

The “One Punch Man” webcomic is created by an author only known by his pseudonym ONE, with the manga art done by Yusuke Murata.