'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers, release news: English dub of season 1 to premiere on Adult Swim's Toonami


There is a lot of anticipation for the return of Saitama to the small screen.

The successful first season of “One Punch Man” left fans wanting more. With that, many are looking forward to the second season of the anime series. However, it seem as though it will still be awhile until the release of season 2.

In the meantime, it was recently announced that viewers in the United States will finally get to watch “One Punch Man” with English dubs. During the Anime Expo last week, Adult Swim’s Toonami revealed that they will soon air the English-dubbed version of “One Punch Man” starting July 16.

Viz Media also announced the cast of the upcoming English version. It was revealed that Saitama will be voiced by Max Mittelman, while Genos will be voiced by Zach Aguilar.
With Adult Swim, the series will most likely capture a wider market, which will boost anticipation for the second season.

There has yet to be any details revealed for the second season of the series. However, fans theorize that Saitama will end up going up against Geryuganshoop once again. They were seen going head-to-head in the previous season. In addition, Geryuganshoop told Lord Boros about Saitama’s plans.

Lord Boros is also expected to go against Saitama in the new season of “One Punch Man.” So far, he is perceived as the most powerful villain in the story. With that, he will surely bring more challenges for Saitama.

Another terrorizing character who fans are hoping to see more of is Melzagald. Many were surprised with his power the ability to easily divide himself into 5 different bodies which was revealed back in season 1. There are speculations that he will be returning to the second season of “One Punch Man” or that he might even get his own spin-off anime.

“One Punch Man” season 2 is expected to release this October.