'One Punch Man' season 2 confirmed; Sophomore season to feature the return of an old foe?


The poker-faced skinhead on yellow tights will be back for another insane punching action in “One Punch Man” season 2. Rumor has it is that the mild-mannered Saitama will be facing an old foe and will be having a showdown with one of his fellow superheroes.

Fans were delighted as a tweet posted over a week ago suggested the return of the high-powered anime. The post did not mention any definite date for the upcoming anime series; however, it is said that it will most likely to be rolled out next year.

Moreover, fans might be in for a treat next season as talks that have been going around lately says that the sophomore season of “One Punch Man” will be seven episodes more as compared to last season’s 12. Having said that, avid followers of the show are already placing their bets on what will be the story plot for the next installment as well as Saitama’s roster of opponents.

Many are speculating that the one-eyed being and big boss of the alien collective dubbed as the “Dark Matter Thieves,” Lord Boros might return to avenge his loss. Fan theories also arose about Saitama losing his powers rendering him helpless against the alien cyclops.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Demon Cyborg” and Saitama’s apprentice, Genos, could also be a plausible opponent for Saitama as he was featured last season aiming to be the strongest among the heroes on earth. Fans might recall a scene in season 1 where the teacher and student almost had a scuffle.

Another viable antagonist is the animalistic and mysterious Garou, who is known to be one of few characters in the show able to withstand Saitama’s killer blow.

It may still be a while before “One Punch Man’s” second season comes to fruition, but as long the anime’s upcoming installment has been confirmed, fans can now sit back and wait for it to arrive.