'One Punch Man' season 2 release date: prospect of a new main protagonist and latest on second season's development


The television anime adaptation of the popular Japanese webcomic, “One Punch Man” was a huge hit during its maiden season that wrapped up last year. Unfortunately, the creator of the series or anyone involved in it have failed to give it a quick follow up in spite of its huge following and positive feedback. However, fans are still hopeful that “One Punch Man” season 2 will eventually get an official announcement sooner than later.

Meanwhile, rumors and speculations about the second season continue to pop up even if there has been almost zero update about its development. The latest of those rumors claim that lead character and main protagonist Saitama might experience losing his powers for the very first time. This is in line with another speculation that Genos could actually be the central figure in the new season’s storyline.

The series adaptation took Japan by storm when it was first shown in October of last year. After that, its popularity reached new heights when Toonami acquired the rights to release and air an English-dubbed version on its television channel, thereby fueling interest from non-Japanese speaking fans.

The story is centered on the young character named Saitama, who happens to possess a unique one punch ability that he uses to defeat challengers and opponents who threaten the very existence and safety of the City of Z.

It was no less than creator Yusuke Murata who admitted that he and his team are laying out a plan for a second season, and it surely makes sense to give “One Punch Man” that, considering how huge it has become even for just one season. For the moment, the showrunners aren’t disclosing any information about the new season and its release date for the simple reason that the English-dubbed version of the first season is still airing.