'One Punch Man' season 2 air date, spoilers, news: Saitama to experience his first ever loss?


The second season for “One Punch Man” will have its release date revealed once the year ends. With this, it might be revealed that Saitama will finally get to battle much stronger enemies.

According to University Herald, the final episode of the first season of the anime has seen Saitama’s victory against Boros, the Dominator of the Universe. However, this enemy is expected to make a comeback with his vengeful thirst in the second season.

Regardless, Saitama is expected to lose his powers due to the harshness during the fight. As such, despite his strength levels, he is expected to lose against an enemy, and this will let him taste his first defeat.

A lot of reports are saying that the hero will meet Garou, the Hero Hunter. In order for Saitama to fight against him, he might need to draw all the powers he had, which consequently draws an evil force inside him. However, it is unlikely for him to meet Garou soon, judging from all the fights he previously had.

After all, the biggest fight in the upcoming season could be another round against Boros, who will return with a new scheme to defeat the hero. As agreed upon by fans, Saitama will finally find an enemy that will match his power levels, which means that King and Metal Bat might be included as villains in season 2.

Additionally, Counsel & Heal reports that Saitama will be attacked by the Monster Association as well. The enemy will attack him immediately after his battle against Lord Boros, and with his powers waning due to an exhaustive battle, it is possible that he will receive his first defeat from the group.

In any case, it still remains to be seen whether or not this is the truth, but nevertheless, fans are still excited about Saitama’s battles in the upcoming second season of “One Punch Man.”