'One-Punch Man' episode 11 spoilers: Saitama, Lord Boros showdown in episode 11; finale to introduce strongest hero


Good news for fans of “One Punch Man” as Daisuki and Viz Media has already made streaming of episodes available online.

According to a report by KpopStarz, episode 10 titled “The Dominator of the Universe” is now available for online streaming. This comes at a great time as there are only two episodes remaining before the season draws to a close.

Episode 11 will air on Dec. 13, while the season finale is slated on Dec. 21.

Meanwhile, a report by Realty Today said that episode 11, the penultimate episode of the season, will feature a fight between Saitama and Lord Boros, which is an offshoot of the events in episode 10 where a giant five-headed monster and a spaceship triggered the destruction levels at Hero Association to 99.8 percent.

Towards the end of the episode, it can be recalled that Saitama was able to get inside the spaceship and was able to overcome all of those who stood in his way.

Episode 11 will also reportedly see the introduction of a new character named Geluganshp who will also be fighting Saitama.

Based on a Yibada report, the new character will meet Saitama personally because his subordinate Melzagald will be occupied facing off with S-class heroes which include Metal Bat.

According to the article, Metal Bat will play a key role in the next episode as he would unwittingly discover a way to take down the alien when he accidentally grabs the marble of Melzagald and see how the alien will be distressed by it.

Melzagald will discover the potential weakness of the aliens when Melzagald seems to be badly affected by Metal Bat’s attempt to destroy the marble. Fans are expecting that this could be the S-heroes’ key to victory against their enemies.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the final episode will introduce the strongest hero in the series, based on the preview trailer for the last episode of the season.