'One-Punch Man' Episode 10 spoilers: Class S Heroes to rescue Earth from another threat


Spoilers have it that Earth may be facing a major catastrophic event again in the next installment of the manga adapted series “One Punch Man.”

Episode 10 is believed to have Saitama and Genos at Silver Fang’s dojo. Previously, it was revealed that Bang’s dojo decline was actually due to the actions of one of his disciples named Garou who went berserk and maimed the other students in the academy. Afterwards, a character from the Hero Association proceeded with summoning all class S heroes.

Meanwhile, Genos invites Saitama to go to City A where they mey with Atomic Samurai and Tornado. The two mock the hero-for-fun’s newly hold status of being a class B.

When the meeting begins, Class S rank 6 hero, who made a short appearance on episode seven, is noticeably absent in the congregation alongside class S rank 1 hero named Blast. It seems like they have gone missing in action for yet to be known reasons and could not be contacted.

Moreover, it will apparently be explained that the real purpose of the meeting is Lady Shibabawa’s ominous warning. Fans will remember that she died in episode 9, while predicting things that are yet to come.

The characters will talk about her note saying that the Earth is in trouble. Even though she could only see some parts of the future, her foretelling was said to be a hundred percent accurate. Although, it remains to be seen what kind of disaster the world will suffer, speculations have it that it may be more worrisome than an earthquake or a monster above level demon or dragon.

The Hero Association hopes that Class S heroes will be in the forefront for their battle that is assumed to come within the next six months. Saitama will then state that if this comes into fruition, the upcoming disaster may be upon their midst sooner than later.

Episode 10 of “One-Punch Man” airs next week.