'One Piece' chapter 832 spoilers: The Straw Hat Pirates try to escape from Whole Cake Island, Sanji to be saved from Jajji in chapter 833?


The Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures continue in “One Piece” chapter 832 wherein the gang finds themselves surrounded by murderous trees and creatures in the Seducing Woods of Whole Cake Island. The chapter opens with the monstrous entities speculating on who will get to eat the pirates, and one of the trees says that Madame Brle is toying with the group right now.

Nami, Carrot and Chopper are being chased by Big Mom’s giant rabbit, and the trio run into two Luffys. One Luffy runs after the three, and the other Luffy’s screams are muffled as he tries to warn them that the person who’s with them is an impostor. Later, fake Luffy transforms into the eighth daughter of the Charlotte family, Charlotte Brle.

In the Germa Kingdom, Sanji looks out at his father’s fleet of ships and surveys the whole scene with disinterest, as he is raring to join the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates. Sanji’s sister, Reiju, tries to change his mind about rejoining the pirates by tempting him with power and riches if he stays. She tells him that it’s their father’s dream for Germa to rule over the entirety of the Northern Seas once more. Later, Reiju pulls out the big guns as she presents Sanji with a lineup of pretty maids to be at his beck and call if he stays, but Sanji lashes out at her and tells her that he wants nothing to do with her or their father.

Vinsmoke Jajji appears, and he challenges his son to a fistfight.

“Let’s take this outside,” he tells Sanji.

It looks like a fistfight between father and son is inevitable in chapter 833 of the manga. However, it was speculated that someone will stop the fight, and this person is none other than Pudding.

According to Hofmag, it’s likely that Sanji and Jajji will exchange blows but the fight will be a short one. Pudding will emerge and scold her future father-in-law for bullying Sanji, and at this point, Jajji backs down and leaves the two alone. However, the media outlet speculates that if this happens, then Sanji and Pudding’s wedding will possibly be called off.

“One Piece” chapter 832 can be read here. Chapter 833 is expected to be released later this month.