'One Piece' manga series rumor: Fourth poneglyph's location will be traced in 'Chapter 819'


The recent chapters of “One Piece” showed that three poneglyphs have already been recovered in the pirate’s world. As all four of the poneglyphs are needed for them to be used for their intended purpose, it goes without saying that it is vital for “One Piece” heroes to find the location of the fourth stone tab in the story. Finally, this might happen soon as it is rumored that the whereabouts of the fourth stone may finally be unraveled in the upcoming chapter of the manga series, simply titled “One Piece 819.”

While the manga series already revealed where the three stone tabs are, no clues have been provided as to where the fourth one is. It is already common knowledge to “One Piece” fans that one of poneglyphs is in the possession of Luffy and the Strawhats. However, gathering all the four stones will not be a piece of cake for both of the heroes as they need to battle with Big Mam and Kaido first, who have the second and third poneglyphs respectively, and discover the location of the fourth one.

However, why would Luffy and Strawhats go to great lengths just to complete all the four poneglyphs?

According to Design and Trends, once all the four stone tabs are gathered and completed, the details on how to go to the New World’s final destination will be revealed, including the information on how to get there.

Finding the last poneglyph soon may not be such a remote possibilityafter all as the keen fans of “One Piece” point out that in a previous chapter that featured his fight with Luffy and Law, Doflamingo already gave hints as to where it is. He made mention of a certain secret in Mariejois, where the fans believe the fourth poneglyph is.

Design and Trends opines that there is a high possibility for Mariejois to be the last destination for the heroes, hence, it is not really surprising if the upcoming chapter of the manga series zeroes in on the said location for its plot. Additionally, the website notes that, if the place becomes the focal point of the next chapter, it may not only highlight the fourth poneglyph landing in the hands of the heroes but may also feature them displaying their heroic deeds by freeing the slaves in the place as they challenge the Admirals.

While these speculations may sound valid, those who read this are reminded that these are mere speculations as of the moment. The only way to verify their veracity is to get a copy of “One Piece 819” chapter when it hits the shelves on Monday, March 14.