'One Piece' 2016 news: 'One Piece Film: GOLD' to be about Gol D. Roger?


Fans of the Straw Hat Pirates will once again see their favorite sea-faring anime heroes on the big screen, as a new “One Piece” movie is set to hit theaters in Japan on July 23, 2016.

Titled “One Piece Film: GOLD,” the upcoming film was first announced by “One Piece” creator Eiichiro Oda on the official website.

According to Anime News Network, the first tickets will go on pre-sale on Dec. 18. Also, the second 2016 issue of the Shonen Jump Magazine, set to roll out on Dec. 14, will reportedly give out details on the bonus that will go with the tickets. However, there are no new updates yet if the film will be shown in Western cinemas. 

This film is directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto, the assistant director for “One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island,” and the script is written by Tsutomu Kuroiwa. 

“One Piece Film: GOLD” is the 13th theatrical release in the “One Piece” movie series following “One Piece Film: Z” shown in 2012. With the title, many are speculating that the movie will involve Gol D. Roger. This could turn out to be very interesting for fans since there is not much information known about the Pirate King. 

“One Piece” is about Monkey D. Luffy,  a 17-year-old boy who aims to be the next Pirate King and to find the treasure One Piece left behind by Gol D. Roger when he was executed. Luffy and his crew go through a lot of adventures and discover secrets in the pirate world. 

Fans are undoubtedly very excited to watch even though it is still uncertain how much work Eiichiro Oda will put into this film. He executive produced “One Piece Film: Z,” which was a huge hit.