'One Piece' episodes 769, 770 spoilers: Straw Hat Crew finds Red Poneglyph that could help in finding the One Piece treasure


In the previous episode of the long-running anime series “One Piece,” the crew was finally able to face off against the infamous ninja Raizo. The ninja’s absence in the island has almost assured the island’s complete annihilation at the hands of the Beast Pirates.

According to the Christian Times, episode 768 revealed that Raizo has been there all along, and he was well-hidden and alive due to the island’s secret alliance with the Wano Kingdom. However, with the new episode just coming out, episode 769 might just feature the Straw Hat Pirates coming to terms with the fact that Raizo did not match up their expectations on how a ninja should be.

Episode 769 also saw the Straw Hat Pirates come across one of the four Road Poneglyphs that will give some vital information about how to get to the island of Raftel. This red Poneglyph might give more clues to Luffy in order for him to finally become the Pirate King.

The episode is based on chapter 817 and the earlier parts of chapter 818, which will show the Straw Hat Pirates finding out some of the steps in order to become the Pirate King. However, Ecumenical News reports that there are a lot of rules contesting over the legendary treasure of the One Piece, so it will prove to be a task like no other.

It is still interesting to see how Luffy teams up with the other rulers to make the search for the red stone much faster. After all, this will lead them to the One Piece, and they all share the common goal. However, it is possible that all the rulers will team up against the Straw Hat Pirates, which could be problematic.

One Piece episode 770 will be aired on December 25, 2016.