'One Piece-Episode of Sabo' airing August 22 sheds light on backstory of Sabo, Luffy and Ace's brother


One Piece will be airing a special episode on August 22, which will give anime fans a view into the backstory of Sabo, Luffy and Ace’s brother.

The special, entitled One Piece- Episode of Sabo: The Three Brothers’ Bond – The Miraculous Reunion and the Inherited Will, will dwell on the backstory of Sabofrom his childhood with Luffy and Ace, as well as new footage from his side of the story when he visited the grave of Whitebeard and his fallen brother Ace. The special episode will also take on the character’s journey to Dressrosa and his point of view on his touching reunion with Luffy.

The special episode will air on August 22, and will feature the Japanese band Goodbye holiday with their sing “Liberator” as the special’s theme song.

In other news, the newest editor of the One Piece manga revealed in an interview details about the manga’s ending, it’s progress, and teases for the future.

In an interview that was translated courtesy of One Piece Podcast, One Piece manga editor Suguru Sugita said the creator Eiichiro Oda reveals the ending of the manga to his editors.

“[He told me] about seven hours after I became his editor on the phone,” Sugita said. “He asked me whether there was anyone around. I told him no, and he said, ‘alright, I don’t have anyone around me either, so let’s talk,’ and then he told me.”

He also said that the adventure will live on for a little longer, as the story is far from being over.

“He told me that the first part of the story, the part prior to the time-skip, was around halfway through. That was about 60 volumes, so maybe we’re at 70%? I don’t think it’s at 80% yet.”

One Piece is in continuous weekly serialization at the Weekly Shonen Jump manga, with currently 795 chapters, and 703 episodes in the anime.