'One Piece' episode 777 spoilers: Luffy and his crew head to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji


A new alliance has been formed. It appears that the Straw Hat Pirates are not the only ones who are going to fight Big Mom and rescue Sanji.

In the previous episode of “One Piece,” Luffy and his crew have gathered new allies as they journeyed towards Whole Cake Island. According to Anime News Network, the relatively large troupe consisted of 30 different characters.

The group was divided into four, and Luffy, together with Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Pedro, will head to Big Mom’s territory. The second group is made up of Law, the samurai, and the remaining Straw Hats crew. They will travel to the Wano country to face Kaido.

Meanwhile, the team headed by the mink Nekomamushi was assigned to find Marco so that they could help Marco and his crew in fighting Kaido. The last group, where Inuarashi and Momonosuke belongs, will remain in Zou to protect the island from further attacks.

Prior to their dispersal, Nami asked Usopp to modify the Sorcery Clima-Tact, and the latter agreed to do so.

The episode also showed Straw Hat crew Nefeltari Vivi with her father and Carue. The trio is aiming to attend the meeting of The Reverie, a council organized by the World Government. The meeting is held every six years wherein the great leaders and the kings/queens of various kingdoms will discuss worldly matters.

It’s been said that the last episode, titled “Saying Goodbye and Descending from the Elephant – Setting Out to Take Back Sanji,” is the conclusion of the Zou arc.

The next episode is speculated to be the start of the “Totto Land” arc, and it will feature Princess Vivi of Alabasta and Princess Shirahoshi of Ryugu at The Reverie. Vivi would probably bring up Big Mom’s situation which, would serve as a huge help for Luffy’s rescue mission.

It has also been rumored that “One Piece” will have a filler arc that will introduce Sanji’s family, the Vinsmoke clan. A few filler episodes will probably be aired to chronicle the life of Luffy’s friend and his royal family in the Germa Kingdom.