'One Piece' episode 775 recap, 776 spoilers: Straw Hat Pirates help in treating Zunisha, all set for journey to Big Mom's island


It seems that the anime series “One Piece” is heading to an ultimate war as Luffy and his crew are packing up for a journey to Big Mom’s territory.

In the previous episode episode 775  the elephant Zunisha has suffered an injury to her front left leg after annihilating Jack’s fleet. Musatobi, a flying squirrel mink, immediately informed the people of Zou. Luffy and his team offered to help in treating Zunisha.

Chopper prepared to gather medicinal herbs while Usopp asked for bandages for the elephant. Unfortunately, the minks could not find any. So, Robin, using her devil fruit powers, made humongous improvised bandages.

Franky, Usopp, and Sicilian went looking for ships, only to find that all of them were destroyed during Jack’s battle. The pulley system used to bring the ships down to the ocean, on the other hand, remained undamaged. The trio decided to rebuild the ships.

Meanwhile, Nami was searching for a map so she could start charting their route to Big Mom’s territory Whole Cake Island. Pedro took her to a room. As she plotted the direction to the island, she realized that it would take more than a week to get there.

Luffy and Carrot dropped by at Nami’s location. Nami looked outside and saw a gigantic dark cloud nearby. She told Luffy that it’s a powerful stormcloud, and shortly after, Chopper and his helpers arrived with the medicinal herbs.

Luffy rushed outside to warn Chopper, but the pulley system has lowered down the ships already to get to Zunisha’s leg. A strong wind made the hanging ships swing, but Usopp stopped the ships before it could hit Zunisha. The rope holding the boats snapped, but Luffy stretched his arms and held the boats together. Robin came and utilized her Devil Fruit powers to fix the pulley system, and the team was finally able to finish treating the giant elephant.

All’s well to the Zou people. Nami had completed mapping their voyage. The Straw Hat Pirates is all set for their journey to Whole Cake Island.