'One Piece' chapter 857, 858 spoilers: Luffy to form an alliance with Gang Bege


It looks like a surprising new twist is about to unfold as “One Piece” heads to a new arc.

It’s been said that Supernova Arc is coming up this March. Luffy and the rest of the crew of Straw Hats Pirates have arrived on Big Mom’s island to rescue Sanji. However, it’s not going to be that simple for Sanji to return to the ship.

In chapter 857, some say that Sanji will be forced to marry one of Big Mom’s daughters in order to save his family who is currently in captivity. Jinbe has disclosed the motives of Whole Cake Island’s Queen. He said that Big Mom planned the wedding to gather the Vinsmoke Family so that she can eliminate the whole clan afterward. The fat queen wants to rule the Germa Kingdom and lead the world’s strongest army.

Luffy and his crew would then decide to face Big Mom, but their opponent has a larger army. Jinbe suggested that they should form an alliance with Gang Bege, the captain of the Firetank Pirates serving the matriarch of the Charlotte Family, Big Mom.

Then, in the following chapter, it’s speculated that Luffy will agree with Jinbe’s proposal and meet Gang Bege. Some fans have said that Gang Bege will lead the security forces during the wedding. Thus, having him as an ally will allow Luffy’s crew to enter the wedding venue, attack Big Mom’s army, and save Sanji and the Vinsmoke Family.

As a mafia lord, Gang Bege is known for murdering royals and leaders. Luffy needs to be cautious and attentive so that the mafia lord won’t betray him and kill him in the end.

Meanwhile, the Supernova Arc is expected to introduce new characters and villains. The new characters to be introduced include Grant, Bonam, Sappa, and Vice-Admiral Prodi.

In other news, the “One Piece” TV series will have a filler episode which is scheduled to air on March 19.