'One Piece' chapter 846 spoilers: Luffy holds off Enraged army as Nami comes up with a plan


The previous chapter of “One Piece” has shown that Big Mom was not going to underestimate her opponents this time as she sent her Enraged army along with a thunderstorm created by Zeus and Prometheus to fight Luffy. Well, Nami has to think of something because Luffy isn’t leaving that spot unless Sanji comes back for him.

Sources say Luffy will have to face Big Mom’s Enraged army in “One Piece” chapter 846. Well, he doesn’t have much of a choice, does he? Luffy is going to be busy beating up the soldiers and this will give Bobbin a chance to attack him.

It is rumored that Nami will ask the tree homie King Baum about Big Mom’s weakness. Once Nami convinces him to talk, he says he doesn’t know if she has any, but he will say that she has a nasty temper and can be easily angered. What can Nami do with this information? Can she find a way to redirect Big Mom’s wrath towards someone else?

After hearing this piece of information, fans speculate that Nami will use her Perfect Clima-Tact bo-staff to produce a Mirage Tempo so she can create an illusion of herself to distract Big Mom. In other words, she is planning to use herself as bait. She will allegedly say that she will manipulate the weather to distract Big Mom.

Apparently, some fans believe Pudding is just manipulating Sanji into marrying her. On the other hand, Sanji may be lying to Pudding when he told her that they should go ahead with the wedding. Is someone listening in to their conversation? Will Sanji do something now that Pudding knows the predicament he is in, or will he go through with the wedding and say goodbye to his adventuring days?

Right now, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt since the details for the next installment have yet to be revealed. “One Piece” chapter 846 will come out sometime next week.