'One Piece' chapter 844 spoilers: upcoming chapter is more than just about Luffy and Sanji's battle

A promotional image of "One Piece" anime. (Facebook/onepieceofficial)

The upcoming chapter 844 of the Japanese manga series, “One Piece” will be all about the battle between Luffy and Sanji, but every fan of the Eiichiro Oda creation knows for a fact that there will be a lot of action and mystery in the upcoming installment, probably including Nami’s struggle to finally contain Big Mom’s menace.

According to a recent report, Luffy’s win against Cracker won’t mean he’s relaxing a bit since he and Nami will eventually find their way to reach Carrot and Chopper, both of whom have been trapped in a mirror. There is some optimism as to the safety of both, although both Luffy and Nami remain cautious, primarily due to some choppy and mysterious noise.

Chapter 844 is titled “Luffy vs. Sanji,” which pretty much gives the most obvious clue as to what it will be all about. But as mentioned earlier, there will significant mysteries along the way, including Nami’s desperate move of convincing Sanji not to fight Luffy. However, the Black Leg is just way too proud and that Luffy also told her not to interfere.

Meanwhile, this rather shady battle between Luffy and Sanji could all be part of another ploy. For one, there are speculations that the battle is intended to come up with some smart strategy to get to the Vinsmokes’ skin. Luffy knows for a fact that he never could defeat the Vinsmokes on his own, but will Sanji’s involvement in all this change that?

Finally, chapter 844 might finally showcase Big Mom’s response to Cracker’s failure to appear in what was supposed to be a meeting with the Vinsmokes. This response could be in the form of sending soldiers to go after Luffy and Nami. Will there be a confrontation between Big Mom and Luffy in this chapter? Fans will soon find out once the manga is released anytime this week.