'One Piece' chapter 844 spoilers: Luffy and Sanji stage clash to save Zeff? Big Mom to go against Straw Hat Pirates?


Just days away from its release, chapter 844 of Eiichiro Oda’s pirate manga serial, “One Piece” promises to be an explosive one as rumors are getting rife that a sparring match between Luffy and the still captive Sanji looms next chapter.

However, it is speculated that the imminent showdown between the two will be just part of their plan in order to keep Sanji’s friend and mentor, Zeff, out of harm’s way.

For the uninitiated, Zeff is the proprietor of the floating restaurant named Baratie and was once at the helm of the so-called Cook Pirates.

It can be recalled that in the previous chapter, Luffy, together with Chopper and Nami, found Sanji as he was being transported to a different location in preparation for the upcoming arranged marriage. Hence, the trio rushed toward Sanji to finally rescue him and eventually flee the island.

However, the strong-legged chef refused to go with them and said that he was one of the royalties of the Germa Kingdom and rejoining Luffy’s crew would be pointless. Luffy insisted, though, as he felt that something’s fishy was going on.

Luffy’s persistence will, later on, result in the much-awaited staged scuffle between him and Sanji, just to save the latter’s teacher from being killed by his captors.

It is also speculated that the next chapter might feature Big Mom’s fury going off the charts as she will discover that one of her offspring and at the same time her formidable henchman, Charlotte Cracker, was beaten to a pulp by Luffy. With that said, it is theorized that the Straw Hat Pirates might also be facing the remaining Charlotte sons as well as Big Mom herself.

No further information was spilled out regarding chapter 844’s release. Nevertheless, it is believed to be out within the week.