'One Piece' chapter 843 spoilers, plot: Luffy to crash Sanji's wedding after defeating Cracker


At the end of the day, the Straw Hat captain still emerged victorious, even with the seemingly never-ending onslaught of Cracker’s biscuits. And yes, Luffy did manage to consume a number of them being thrown at him, but with the help of his Gear Fourth attack in “One Piece” chapter 842, the hero eventually came out the winner.

Those who failed to see the entirety of chapter 842 should know that Cracker thought it was in his best interest and opportunity to go on attack mode when Luffy was transforming into Gear Four (Tankman). He was eventually devoured while his biscuits were taken care of by Nami.

So how will things end up for Cracker in the upcoming chapter and what are the other events expected to happen?

According to speculations, Cracker will find himself going to the castle and Big Mom as some sort of last resort. In there, he will be informing everyone that Luffy is coming to wreak havoc to the wedding. It is also rumored that the bomb found together with the treasure that Tamago and Pekoms stole from Fishman Island will be handed out as a gift to the Vinsmokes. The purpose is as clear as the sky to make it appear that the Yonkou is responsible for blowing up the Vinsmokes.

Meanwhile, Ecumenical News reported that the upcoming chapter will finally showcase the Charlotte-Vinsmoke wedding, but the bigger anticipation is that of Sanji’s escape. It is believed that he will eventually manage to escape and get back to his crew. It still isn’t clear how he’ll do it considering that he’s been under tight security by the guards of Jajji Vinsmoke.

Chapter 843 could very well reveal if Reiju will indeed help Sanji make his escape because judging by how impossible that feat looks, the only way out is for him to have inside help. And if Reiju eventually decides to help, will she sacrifice herself in the process?

Chapter 843 of “One Piece” is expected to be released anytime this week.