'One Piece' chapter 843 spoilers, plot: Big Mom arc about to end? Luffy to face two more foes?


The Big Mom-focused arc continues in “One Piece” chapter 843 as the team now heads to Big Mom’s Castle to finally rescue their crew member Sanji.

Fans were a bit disappointed by the fact that the manga serial took a week-long hiatus. Some fans who missed past chapters took the chance to catch up while others made use of their time by musing about what might happen in the manga’s succeeding chapter.

It can be recalled that in the previous chapter, the super-elastic Luffy managed to finally knock down one of Big Mom’s offspring, Charlotte Cracker who also goes by the name “Thousand Arms.” However, it’s also noteworthy to mention that there are still a couple of formidable warriors waiting for Luffy and his crew inside Whole Cake Island so it might be that their planned rescue of Sanji may well seem to be still way off.

Meanwhile, it can also be recalled that both rabbit-human hybrid Carrot and Chopper are still stuck in Brle’s so-called “Mirror World” and have been looking for a way to finally break free. Finding the said route was made even more difficult as their witch-looking foe was right on their trail. There are fan theories suggesting that since the duo’s exploits were somewhat broadcast on every mirror in the island, it is likely that the two might end up crossing paths with Nami and Luffy.

Another plausible theory is that the Vinsmokes, who were threatened to be liquidated early on by Big Mom if they did not complete their mission, might eventually change sides and could assist Luffy in facilitating the rescue of Sanji in order to thwart his arranged marriage.

Apart from these speculations, there are some fans who believe that the current story arc is nearing its end and the final battle looms over the horizon on Whole Cake Island.